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About  “Rojo y Rosa”:

Ritmos del Mundo. August de 2011.

“Following his innovative way of making Music, Agustín Carbonell once again presents a work that pretends to give a new approach to Flamenco”.”It is a complete piece taken care of in detail, where any sound or rhythm is trivial, but leaves a place to free interpretatation[...]”.

www.deflamenco.com. 30  Mayo de 2011.

“It does a bet by young flamencp, gypsy and madrilenian”.

Suma Flamenca 2011

We were also enjoying in the Theatre Paco Rabalthe luxury of one of the best spectacles of the year, Rojo y Rosa of Agustín Carbonell, El Bola. Impressive the Scene Stage by Carlos Díaz de Bustamanteand the light of Dominique You, that the dancers Karen Lugo y Tamar González, knew how to use to give us a lesson of the best flamenco dancing with brush-strokes of classic dance that you should not lose.”

www.eitb.com. 13 de Julio de 2011.

“The great guitarrists keep  marking the way of renovatopm as  Agustín Carbonell “Bola”  shows us in his new work Rojo y Rosa dedicated to the dance and Music of the new flamenco.”

About  “Desvaríos”:

El País. Chema García

“A Music that catches you and you are rolled because there is no way to untie. You are warned.”

La Vanguardia

“Agustín Carbonellmay well be the guitarrist that better knows how to handle in jazzístic bullrings. Carbonell can mark a pulse as solid as Tomatito and, right after, phrase with the gentleness of Phillipe Cattherine.”

About  “Vuelo Flamenco”:

Record World. Jose María Esteban

“Bola is probably one of the most personal guitarrists of the new generations. Good connoisseur of the tradition he also feels attracted by the new forms,  although digressing, but knowing thoroughly what he takes  in hands.”


About  “Bola”:

Angel Alvarez Caballero - El Pais, 1989

He will pass into history I hope, as the creator and interpreter of a music that demonstrates an inventive capacity and an assimilation of sounds that are not in Flamenco, but which he transforms into Flamenco, with evident ease.

Ángel S.. Harguindey -

Human beings who create beauty, who generate harmony, tolerance, wisdom or that simply know how to enjoy the daily. We are talking about people and facts as Francisco Ayala, Julio Caro Baroja, Carmen Martín Gaite, Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, Enrique Morente, Romario, Cachao, Curro, El Bola,[...], the madrilenian twilights from any highway.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 1991

The 24 years old guitarist  Agustin Carbonell reaches a technical level comparable to Paco de Lucia’s, if not a step further, daring at the same time with a chamber-music synthesis.


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